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How To Get Settled in Quebec

Written by CNN Team

Written by Christine Rees

Are you interested in moving to the province of Quebec? 

A predominantly French-speaking province, Quebec offers its residents and tourists vibrant cities, beautiful scenery, the Saint Lawrence River, and its famous nightlife. One of Canada’s most popular cities, Montreal, lies within Quebec. In addition, Quebec City maintains its historic harbor, Vieux Port, and its historical landmark, Place Royale. Quebec can offer unique experiences and widespread work opportunities. 

How Do I Get Started?

First, you must determine which program makes the most sense for your situation. Do you plan to immigrate to Quebec to: 

Review the requirements of each program to decide which procedure makes the most sense for you. Then you can begin the application process. 

Moving to Quebec 

What do you need to do as you get settled in Quebec? 

Find Accommodations 

Firstly, you will need a place to sleep at night. It is best to choose temporary accommodations prior to arriving in Quebec, at least for the first few nights, so you don’t need to stress about this when you are tired from travelling. 

Next, it is time to research long-term arrangements such as apartment rentals or buying a home. To begin your search, check out popular rental and home-buying websites:

  • Realtor.ca: For buying property. 
  • PadMapper: Narrow down your search in a specific area and check out rent trends.  
  • Rentals: One of Montreal’s most popular rental websites.
  • Zumper: Various living options are available. 
  • Appartmap: An interactive map that helps you to filter your apartment search. 
  • Louer: Thousands of listings for apartments, condos, homes, short-term rentals, etc.

Find an Internet and TV Provider

Internet and TV providers are often limited to regions. Therefore, whether you are moving provinces or to the country, it is essential that you research internet and TV providers for your new area. 

Even though other choices may be available, depending on your location, the most popular service providers in Quebec include Bell, Vidéotron, and Cogeco. 

Choose a Bank

Set up a bank account in Quebec, so you can easily manage any bills or debit card payments without racking up costly withdrawal fees. Setting up a bank account in Canada is fairly easy to do. Unfortunately, these banks also charge fees; however, it will still cost less than trying to pay for things without them.

If you are arriving from outside of Canada, it is important to note that banks in Canada often come with monthly chequing accounts fees. It is common to spend approximately $220 on these fees each year. Therefore, shop around for the best offer before signing anything. 

In addition to choosing a bank, you should look into obtaining a credit card to begin building a credit score. This is essential when you are ready to buy a phone plan or rent a car in Quebec. If you are in need of a credit card in Canada, here are some great credit card options to get started. 

Obtain Health Insurance

Apply for health insurance when you arrive in Quebec. This is provided exclusively by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ). It is a public organization that covers health needs through 40+ programs that can be accessed via your health card. Each applicant requires:

  • Birth certificate
  • Canadian citizenship certificate 
  • Canadian passport
  • Copy of the act of birth
  • Proof of residence in Quebec

Please keep in mind that foreign workers or international/out-of-province students will need to provide extra documentation from the education or immigration authorities. 

Cost of Living

This will change depending on where you choose to live in Quebec. For example, if you wish to settle in Montreal, you should expect the cost of living to be higher than other cities in Quebec due to its popularity and tourism. Therefore, determine what you can afford on a monthly basis and research the city, so you know if you can afford the location first. 

Quick Summary

No matter which city you choose, Quebec is a gorgeous province to live in. As you settle in your new home, make sure that you get your essentials in order such as proper sleep accommodations, internet providers, banking institutions, health insurance, and your finances. Best of luck! 

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Student Life Network or their partners.